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Introducing Yardstick a sound based positioning system.

The adjacent figure is a spectrogram of Yardstick FAT Timing input audio. Our FAT timing systems are up to tenfold more cost effective. We do this while having comparable accuracy to other FAT Timing systems on the market.

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Easy, Affordable, Effective

Keeps track practice running smooth.

With Yardstick, coaches and athletes no longer need to juggle watches, or set up cumbersome tripods for laser timing. Yardstick FAT can time multiple athletes at once. With Yardstick, place down on the track and your done.

Yardstick offers +-.01 second precision. Yardstick splits athletes every .01 second for realtime position velocity and acceleration measurements. This allows coaches to pinpoint ahtletes race weaknesses.

Not only does Yardstick offer more. Yardstick is also more cost effective than other FAT timing technologies, offering our FAT timing system at $74.

Our FAT Timing Systems

Relative Performance

Usability Lightest and Easiest

Cost Best Value

Accuracy +-.01s accuracy

Extra Features Realtime Splits

Advanced Tech

Yardstick's solution uses a novel protocol rather than dousing the problem with money like other companies.

Endorsed By Optimist Track

Optimist Track NYC run by USATF sprints certified level 3 coach Jeff Teta endorses Yardstick technology.

Strong Customer Support

Yardstick is still under rapid development, and has strong customer support. We are responsive to customer communication.

Mentored By Sankar

Throughout Yardstick development, CMU Professor Sankaranarayanan has mentored the project.

Developed In

Funded By NSF REU 2018 May - 2018 August

Research by Jacob Hoffman with Professor Sankaranarayanan as a mentor.

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